Blast Christmas

by Deathmace

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Music and lyrics by Yuma Murata.
Arranged by Deathmace.
Recorded live at Melrose Yard Studios, April 2016.
Assisted by Daniel Dickson.
Spit and polish by Christopher Gillespie.
Artwork by Dani Barge.


released December 25, 2016

Jack Bamber - Bass and backing vocals (lead vox on track 3)
Andy Hayes - Drums
Yuma Murata - Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Danny Richardson - Lead guitar and backing vocals


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Deathmace York

Yorkshire death/thrash est. 2009

Jack Bamber - Bass and Vocals
Andy Hayes - Drums
Yuma Murata - Guitar and Vocals
Danny Richardson - Guitar and Vocals

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Track Name: Guillotine Pleasures
Two figures stand upon this stage: one hooded, one bound.
Contraption of justice, tool of revenge. Centrepiece of the town.
Cries for mercy fall on deaf ears. Punishment will proceed.
Hundreds of eyes - men, women, children - All here to watch you bleed.

Guillotine Pleasures (x3)
Pleasure from your pain.

Fall to your knees and pray to your lord. Hell is your destination.
Feel their joy, hear their taunts. They cry for your termination.
I am the artist, you are my canvas. My palette exclusively red.
On display you end your days. They cheer as I lift up your head.

Guillotine Pleasures (x3)
Pleasure form your pain.

Now that the deed is done, justice has been served.
For your heinous crimes, you got what you deserved.
Now that the show is over, they return to their homes.
Safe in the knowledge that you're in the ground alone.

*repeat first verse

Guillotine Pleasures (x3)
Pleasure from your pain.
Track Name: Razor Eye Surgery
Sharpening the blade, cutting through cornea.
Entering your eye amidst blood and tears.
Ligaments are torn, slicing through the lens.
Flail and scream, into madness you descend.

Peeling back the iris, optic nerves removed.
Sockets pool with blood. Your vision's much improved.

Razor Eye Surgery (x4)
Track Name: Tortured Tormented Torn Apart
Whips flay skin.
Innards torn.
Iron Burns.

Sawed off limbs.
Still you scream.

Tortured. Tormented. Torn Apart. (x4)

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