Sordid Sessions - Live at Melrose Yard

by Deathmace

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Recorded live at Melrose Yard Studios, York, 17th May 2012


released July 1, 2012

Yuma Murata - Vocals, Guitar
Jack Bamber - Bass
Dicky Holmes - Drums


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Deathmace York

Yorkshire death/thrash est. 2009

Jack Bamber - Bass and Vocals
Andy Hayes - Drums
Yuma Murata - Guitar and Vocals
Danny Richardson - Guitar and Vocals

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Track Name: Beyond Dead (live)
Trapped in darkness
Imprisoned and cold
Unimaginable pain
Terror unfolds
Chained and gagged
Hell begins
Violation, desecration
Impaled from within

Beyond Dead

Merciless torture
Breaking bones
Suffer alone
Piercing skin
With spikes and studs
You're only clothed
In your own blood

Beyond Dead

Twisted limbs
Tightly curled
Sounds of pain
Rule my world

Beyond Dead
Track Name: Operating Theatre (live)
Tie 'em down
Well restrained
Now sit back
And enjoy their pain
Carved up
And on display
Innards removed
Soul remains

Operating Theatre

Test of life
Cause of death
No lungs
No last breath
Of the brain
Live dissection
To entertain

Operating Theatre
Track Name: Dislocation Burial (live)
Buckled in, all within, twisted tomb
Bent to fit, cold unlit, anti-womb
Locked in pain, scream in vain, help won't come
Underground, gagged and bound, sadistic fun

Iron cube, you can't move, wanna die?
Bones I break, dislocate, wanna cry?
I am sick, getting kicks, morbid game
Crush you in, limb by limb, mangled frame

Welcome to Hell
Buried alive
Torture cell
Will you survive?
Track Name: Rib Caged (live)
Trapped in a human cell
Twelve bars lock you in
Organs leaking on the floor
Chances of survival slim

Rib caged

Cellmate screams in agony
Organs crushed, broken bones
No hope for either of you
At least you won't die alone

Rib caged
Track Name: Razor Eye Surgery (live)
Sharpened razor blade cutting through cornea
Entering your eye amidst blood and tears
Ligaments are torn slicing through your lens
Flail and scream, into madness you descend

Peeling back the iris, optic nerves removed
Sockets pool with blood, your vision's much improved

Razor eye surgery
Razor eye surgery
Razor eye surgery
Razor eye surgery
Track Name: Hellbläst (live)
Crushing wall of hate and wrath
Annihilates all in our path
Sickened by our deadly noise
Bodies broken, minds destroyed


Playing loud and playing fast
Testing how long you can last
Hits the brain like crystal meth
Blasphemous siege of death


Body count to match Pol Pot
Blasting death we'll never stop
When we're lowered into our graves
Play 'Into the Crypt of Rays'


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